Who is it for?

Companies who require English support for their employees at beginner-intermediate levels (CEFR pre-A1-B1)

What are the benefits?

Employees will:

  • feel more confident using English at work
  • be better able to communicate with colleagues and customers
  • be able to complete further work-based training
  • be better-equipped to take on senior roles

The company will:

  • be better able to recruit and retain staff from overseas
  • improve communication and cohesion within the workforce
  • improve productivity and reduce costly mistakes

What does it include?

  • Initial language assessment for all employees to establish level
  • 12 to 24 – week tailored course to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills available at 4 levels (beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate / CEFR level pre- A1 to B1
  • 60-90 minute 1:1 or group training per week (via Zoom)
  • Feedback and support throughout the course including access to a Facebook group.
  • Full language report on completing the course
  • Certificate of completion

Price: From £300/employee/course
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