Overcome the barriers to achieving your goals in the UK
with personalised language and culture coaching

Through English language and culture coaching, I will help you to find your voice in English so you can achieve your dream career or business success in the UK.

My aims are to help you improve the English skills you already have, learn the language and skills you need to achieve your goals and make sure English is a gateway and not a barrier to your success.

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Courses and coaching for…

English courses for business owners and professionals


Business Owners & Professionals

Group coaching and online programmes for intermediate to advanced learners of English. Develop the skills you will need to achieve your career and business goals.

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English courses for managers and teams


Managers and Teams

English and culture courses for your international staff will ensure they are better able to understand and communicate with colleagues and clients, as well as equipping them with the skills they need to reach their potential within your company.

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Testimonials & Reviews

“Sarah is a superb, enthusiastic and inspirational teacher. She helped me develop more confidence in English for business in my first entrepreneurship adventure and better understand the cultural differences of doing business in English-speaking countries. And above all, she provided me with fantastic tips for every situation, totally spot-on! I recommend her services for anyone who is not English native and wants to boost their business internationally. Many thanks again, Sarah!”

Javier, Business Owner from Spain

“Sarah was a life-saver when she helped me to prepare a presentation for work on marine insurance law. Because English is not my mother tongue, she put a lot of effort, kindness and patience to reduce my strong Spanish accent. I strongly recommend her as a competent and reliable professional.”

Juan, Maritime Lawyer from Spain

“I had taken my IELTS English exam many times before I started the classes with Sarah and finally passed. This was a massive achievement for me and without Sarah’s lessons I would have not been able to succeed. She was very supportive, very committed and truly dedicated to helping me improve my English, especially my writing skills. She helped me to make my dream come true! Now I can carry on progressing in my medical career. I cannot thank her enough and highly recommend her.”

Claudia, Doctor from Colombia

“Sarah helped me to prepare for my IELTS test to study on a medical course. She was supportive and also very knowledgeable. She is very patient and takes her time to explain everything clearly. I would highly recommend her. She has a very open and friendly personality and I felt confident talking to her as I was very nervous taking the test.”

Helga, Medical Student from Hungary

“Sarah helped me and my colleagues with our English skills when I was a machine operator in my company. Before the class, I was shy to speak English but Sarah helped me feel confident, I learnt more about the English language and how to speak politely in the UK. Now I am a supervisor in my company.”

Natalia, Manufacturing Supervisor from Poland
“I joined the course to improve my business English.
Not only I have made progress in this area, but also thanks to Sarah’s hints, I am more attentive in daily communication.
 I can’t wait for further cooperation.”
Bogdan, Business owner from Poland

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