1:1 English Coaching

1-2-1 Neurolanguage Coaching®

Who is this for?

Team members who:

  • speak English as an additional language
  • aren’t achieving their potential at work due to English skills and confidence
  • want to communicate more confidently and professionally with their clients
  • have a good level of English but struggle to understand their colleagues and clients
  • hold back from sharing their ideas due to confidence in their English skills

What are the benefits?

  • Feel more confident using English in business and professional contexts
  • Develop the essential professional language needed to communicate effectively
  • Better understand  British colleagues and clients
  • Better understand cultural aspects of doing business and/or working in the UK
  • Understand areas of their language they need to develop
  • Develop life-long learning skills to continually improve after the course
  • Achieve goals more quickly with the Neurolanguage Coaching® Method

What does it include?

  • Full language analysis and goal-setting session
  • Personalised learning plan to meet the needs of the individual & company
  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Weekly tasks to put skills into practice
  • Personalised feedback
  • End of course report

What do my clients say?

“I highly recommend Sarah. I approached her because I was looking for a coach who could help me not only to improve my English skills but would be able to help me to understand the language and its usage in a professional environment. Sarah has a unique way of understanding exactly what you need and identifying an individual approach to achieving your goals. She creates an effective learning plan and carefully structures every session. Sarah is hugely supportive, committed, flexible, and thoughtful. She goes the extra mile to encourage and provide you with the best possible service.”