December 1, 2020

Christmas in the UK Quiz

Christmas is an important time for many British people. Although ‘Christmas’ refers to the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus, many of the traditions come from pagan traditions and from different countries around the world. Even for people who are not religious, Christmas is a time to spend time with family, exchange gifts and eat, drink and be merry!

How much do you know about Christmas in the UK?

Find out in this Christmas culture quiz:

1. What do children open every day from the 1st to the 24th December:

(a) a small gift

(b) a calendar

(c) a stocking

2. It is traditional to decorate a pine tree and put it in your living room but what do people usually put on the top of the tree?

(a) a star

(b) Santa Claus

(c) Jesus

3. What is the name of this Christmas treat, traditionally eaten in the weeks before Christmas?

(a) a star

(b) Santa Claus

(c) Jesus

4. What is a Christmas carol?

(a) a Christmas biscuit made with caramel

(b) a song

(c) the wife of Santa Claus

5. What date is Christmas day?

(a) 24th December

(b) 25th December

(c) 26th December

6. Most people know this guy as ‘Santa Claus’ but what do we traditionally call him in the UK?

(a) Saint Christmas

(b) Christmas Man

(c) Father Christmas

7. Santa Claus delivers your presents on Christmas Eve. What three things should you leave for him?

(a) glass of wine, chocolate, money

(b) mince pie, glass of sherry, carrot

(c) cake, beer, potato

8. Where does Santa leave your presents?

(a) under the Christmas tree

(b) under your bed

(c) next to the fireplace

9. What do British people traditionally eat for Christmas dinner?

(a) Roast beef

(b) Roast duck

(c) Roast Turkey

10. What are these?

(a) sausage rolls

(b) pigs in blankets

(c) toads in holes

11. What is this?

(a) Christmas banger

(b) Christmas popper

(c) Christmas cracker

12. What is traditionally eaten for dessert on Christmas day?

(a) mince pie

(b) Chocolate pudding

(c) Christmas pudding

13. Who gives a speech on British TV every Christmas day?

(a) The Queen

(b) The Prime Minister

(c) James Bond

13. Who gives a speech on British TV every Christmas day?

(a) The Queen

(b) The Prime Minister

(c) James Bond

14. What is the day after Christmas day called in the UK?

(a) Christmas end

(b) Football day

(c) Boxing day

15. When should you take your Christmas decorations down by?

(a) 31st December

(b) 1st January

(c) 6th January


1. (b) A calendar

Children open the door of an advent calendar each day in December up until the 24th (Christmas Eve). ‘Advent’ refers to the period of time leading up to Christmas. Many advent calendars these days have a chocolate behind each door.

2. (a) a star

Traditionally people put a star on top of the Christmas tree to represent the star in the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth. Some people put an angel or fairy on the top.

3. (a) Mince Pie

These treats are pastry filled with ‘mince meat’ which is a mix of dried fruit and often brandy. When you meet people in the days before Christmas it is common to have a mince pie with a cup of tea.

4. (b) A song

A Christmas Carol is a type of song that is sung at Christmas. They are usually sung in church but it is also tradition for carol singers to go from house to house in the evenings before Christmas and sing carols. They usually collect money for charity.

5. (b) 25th December

Christmas day always falls on the 25th December. If Christmas day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there is an extra ‘Bank Holiday’ (day off work!) on the following Monday.

6. (c) Father Christmas

‘Santa Claus’ was always called “Father Christmas’ in the UK but with the popularity of American Christmas films, Santa Claus is being used more and more. But, you may hear some people still using “Father Christmas”

7. (b) Mince pie, glass of sherry, carrot

the mince pie and the glass of sherry are for Santa (Father Christmas) and the carrot is for Rudolf the reindeer. However, these days, many people skip the sherry as he shouldn’t be drinking alcohol while driving!

8. (b) Under the Christmas tree

Traditionally children find their presents under the Christmas tree, however, some lucky children may also find a stocking full of small gifts at the end of their bed too!

9. (c) Roast Turkey

Most people these days will have roast turkey; however, before people started having turkey (this tradition is from the USA) people commonly ate roast goose. Other meats can also be eaten and a nut roast is enjoyed by many vegetarians and vegans.

10. (b) Pigs in Blankets

These are small sausages wrapped in bacon, which are eaten as a side dish with the roast turkey for Christmas dinner.

11. (c) Christmas cracker

before you eat your Christmas dinner, you pull this Christmas cracker with the person next to you. Whoever gets the biggest part, wins. Inside the cracker you will find a hat, a small gift and a joke. Read some of the best Christmas cracker jokes here.

12. (c) Christmas pudding

this is a rich steamed pudding full of dried fruit. The pudding is often covered in brandy and set alight before eating. It is then served with brandy cream or brandy butter. It is also tradition to put a small coin in the pudding mix before cooking. Whoever finds the coin in their pudding will get good luck that year.

13. (a) The Queen

This is broadcast on British TV at 3pm on Christmas day. The queen addresses the nation, reflects on the last year and wishes everyone the best for the year to come.

14. (c) Boxing Day

The 26th December is known as Boxing Day. This has nothing to do with the sport boxing. It is thought that in Victorian times, this is when the rich boxed gifts for poor people. It was also the servants’ day off and when they received their Christmas box (gift from their employers). Nowadays, Boxing Day is famous for the start of the sales in shops.

15. (c) 6th January

This is the day after the 12th night (12 nights after Christmas day). In the Christian tradition, the 12th night marks the Epiphany, when the three Kings brought their gifts to Jesus. It is considered bad luck if you leave your Christmas decorations up after this date.

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I hope you have a lovely festive period and all the best for 2021!