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How to use the App….

This app is designed to help you recognise and pronounce the sounds of standard British English.

When you are aware of the different sounds and can pronounce them correctly, it will greatly improve your listening skills and the clarity of your speech.

The sounds are divided into vowels and consonants.

Click on the ‘Sticky Note’ symbol to learn more about the meaning of the titles:

On each sound square, you will see:

  1. An example word that contains the sound
  2. The most common spelling of that sound highlighted in red
  3. The phonemic alphabet symbol (IPA) for that sound (you will see these used in dictionaries)
  4. Extra information about the sound including a description of the mouth position and other spellings
  5. An audio button where you will hear the sound and the example word

The app contains the sounds of standard British English – The vowels will vary in different regional accents.

For clear communication:

  1. aim to pronounce the sounds as close to the example as possible
  2. make sure that all the sounds are different from each another

Listen and repeat the sounds and the example words. Notice other words which contain the same sounds.

Work with The English Coach

Hi! I’m Sarah, welcome to my site. I live in Macclesfield, which is a town in the North West of the UK. I have been teaching English for 15 years and have helped thousands of people to communicate more clearly and confidently in English.

I now specialise in coaching intermediate to advanced learners in Business English and pronunciation. I mainly help people who are working in the UK or work with British clients.

My pronunciation courses are delivered over Zoom

During these sessions, I will:

  • help you to understand the areas of your pronunciation you need to focus on
  • provide exercises to help you with the sounds you find difficult
  • help you with stress and rhythm, making your speech much clearer
  • help you with intonation and tone so you can speak in a way that makes people listen

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